The Sanok County is a beautiful region located in the South - Eastern part of Poland. Neighboring withborder crossing with Slovakia, where leads the road border crossing in Radoszyce and the railway border crossing in Nowy Łupków. The Sanok County is a special centre of differences, detached from border with Ukraine by Lesko District and Bieszczady District. Here, on the terrain of 1225 km2 aremeeting not only influences of culture of East and West, but it is also geographic border between the Eastern and Western Carpathians. The local landscape is very various. Western part of the Sanok County is situated on lowlands. Going eastwards, the lowlands become higher and near thefrontier of the Sanok County they form the Chryszcza Mountain. That difference can be seen not only in the form of terrain, flora and fauna, but also in density of population and layout of ethnic groups living in the Sanok County in the past and at present times. Mentioned division has been alsocaused by the river system.The river Sandivides the landof Sanok intonorthern and southern part.The river Osława, left tributary of the river San, divides the landof Sanok into eastern and western part.

The capital of the Sanok County is Sanok, the town of 40 000 citizens, it got the municipalright in 1339. Of course, remainders of human colonization on the terrain of the Sanok County are dated on almost 2000 years earlier. The most interesting archeological place is the fortified settlement, located on the Horodyszcze hill near Sanok, dated on Celtic times; it was destroyed during one of the invasion of Tatars in the 13th century. Fortified town, especially in the period of Ruthenian rules from the 10th to 13th century had more than regional meaning, was the Ruthenian dukes’ seat, especially those, who lost the rivalry concerning the throne in Kiev. There have been found exceptional for this part of Europe finds, eg. encolpionsor kołstka(female head decoration).

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